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Alison Elizabeth Larter Biography

Alison Elizabeth "Ali" Larter (born February 28, 1976) is a Saturn Award-nominated American actress and former fashion model best known for her screen roles aimed at teenage audiences. Larter can currently be seen on the hit television series Heroes.

In November 1994, Larter portrayed the hoax model Allegra Coleman in Esquire magazine. In 1999, Larter began her film career with an appearance in Varsity Blues which re-united her with Dawson's Creek star Van Der Beek, and close friend Amy Smart. Varsity Blues drew a domestic box office gross of $53 million, making Larter's first film a commercial success. Afterwards, Larter appeared in teen comedies, Giving It Up and Drive Me Crazy. That year as well, Larter starred in the horror remake House on Haunted Hill. In 2000, Larter starred in the teenage audience aimed horror film Final Destination as Clear Rivers. In 2003, Larter reprised her role as Clear Rivers in the sequel to Final Destination, Final Destination 2. In 2005, Larter appeared in the independent film Confess and the romantic comedy A Lot Like Love alongside Amanda Peet and Ashton Kutcher.

2006 saw Larter in the biographical film Crazy based on guitarist Hank Garland. As of September 2006, Larter has been portraying Jessica/Niki Sanders & Tracy Strauss on the NBC Emmy Award-nominated science fiction drama television series Heroes, created by Tim Kring. As of the third season, Larter portrays a new character, Tracy Strauss.

In 2007, Larter starred in the Bollywood Marigold as the title character alongside Salman Khan, which was released in August. She also joined the cast of the popular film franchise Resident Evil: Extinction portraying the character Claire Redfield in the horror film with Milla Jovovich. Larter explains on her character Claire, "She became the leader of this convoy. Larter was also featured as #6 in Maxim's Hot 100 for 2007.

Ali Larter was born in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, the daughter of Margaret, a homemaker, and Danforth Larter, a trucking executive. At seventeen, Larter settled temporarily in Japan. Larter is engaged to her longtime boyfriend, actor Hayes MacArthur.


Hank Garland said...

Ali Larter is such a beautiful educated young lady. She played my Brother In Law The Legendary Guitarist Hank Garland's wife in the movie called "Crazy" by Favored Nations.It was Produced by one of the greatest and nicest men in the Film Industry ,Rick Bieber. The film is so beautifully written by Rick Bieber and the Directing by Rick Bieber is Excellent. You really go back in time to the 1940's & the film is so detailed.It is a period piece and at the same time the work of a Genious. Waylon Payne whom plays Hank Garland is an extraordinary gifted young man and Waylon Payne and Ali Larter filmed so beautiful together. We were out in Los Angeles for the filming. Hank Garland has passed two weeks prior to Filming "Crazy" but Hank was very close to everyone involved and was very aware of his life story being brought to Life. Hank Garland also was able to tell his own side of the story as his mind was restored after an amazing come back from a stay in a local hospital for surgery. The Doctors said it was a Miracle. As for Steve Vai, Rick Bieber, Al Cohen, Joel McDonnel, Ray Scherr, and those that came to visit Hank it was a great way to finally hear his take on everything that happend becuase it was his life story. God has been very good to us. I am so thankful for everyone involved with the film "Crazy". Everyone worked very hard to get this story completed and Hank always said, quote, "He would watch it from the big screen meaning Heaven",in quote .
Thank you so much for sharing Ali Larter with us. She is just a wonderful person and someone we will never forget. We will not forget any of the people that made this film come to Life. They were ALL so kind and such awesome professionl people. It will never be forgotten by The Hank Garland Family nor the many fans of The Legednary Guitarist Hank Garland,
Again, Thank you so very much,
~ Mrs. Amy Garland,Mr. Billy Garland(Hank Garland's Brother) and Family

tina said...

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