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Crystle Stewart Miss USA 2008

Crystle Stewart of Texas is Miss USA 2008 - enjoy the bikini photo gallery!
25 February, 2008

The new Miss USA 2008 is 26-year old Crystle Stewart of Missouri City, Texas. She is an entreprenuer who runs a party-planning and motivational spaking company, and a professional model to boot. Stewart holds a degree in consumer science and merchandising from the University of Houston.

(I find it very difficult to type out the name Crystle. Somehow, it tends to come out as crusytle, christle, crisis... so I am going to type out this entire article with her name as CS, and then do a Find+replace for her name)

At the finals of the Miss USA 2008 pageant yesterday, she took the honors, edging out Leah laviano of Mississippi and Tiffany Andrade of New Jersey. This was Crystle Stewart's third crack at the Miss USA title - she took part in the Miss USA 2005 and 2006 pageants too, but was placed first runner-up in both the pageants. No lack of determination there, Crystle!

he most famous celebrity on the judges panel of Miss USA 2008 was roundly booed, though. It was the unfortunate Heather Mills, ex-wife of famous Beatle Paul Mccartney. Heather Mills has been having a rather bad time at the hands of the media, after her attemtps to extract more money out fo Paul McCartney after theri divorce. The other judges were Rob Schneider, swimmer Amanda Beard and Christian Siriano.

Crystle Stewart will now compete in the Miss Universe pageant in Vietnam in July 14, 2008 in Nha Trang, Vietnam against beauty queens from across the globe.

There is something a bit awkward about her in these photos of her though.

Take a look at those bikini photos. Does Crystle Stewart look like something that came out of a die-cast machine? What is with that smile? Looks a bit evil to me. is evil the new sexy in the USA? I don't know. It is one of the most machine-perfect smiles I have seen during the week. Does she always look like that? There is something scary about a person who looks so plasticky and evil. Mind you, I am not saying Crystle is anything of the sort. I am just making an observation on the kind of looks people have these days. I haven't looked at pics of the other Miss USA contestants - for all I know, they look worse.

But if you are the type - I suspect most of you are - who likes that kind of a body, and that kind of a smile, you are going to love these bikini / swimsuit pictures of Crystle Stewart. Go ahead and ogle!

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