Friday, April 24, 2009

Jennifer Jason Leigh joins Weeds cast

Nancy Botwin’s about to have a family reunion … with this woman.

Jennifer Jason Leigh will appear in several episodes of Season 5 of Weeds, Hollywood Reporter says. She’s been cast opposite Mary-Louise Parker as Jill, Nancy’s older sister who had a falling out with her years ago. As Nancy’s business and romantic interests move her closer to danger, she decides to have Andy take Shane, her youngest, to live with Jill for a while.

Turns out Jill also has some dissatisfaction with life in suburbia (all those "little boxes" no doubt), and she eventually decides to come back into Nancy’s life. TV critics expect the actresses to have terrific on-screen chemistry since they’re friends in real life.

Leigh initially balked at the role because it required at least one nude scene, the LA Times reports, but she changed her mind when producers started looking at other actresses. Whether she’ll show as much skin as she did in Single White Female or Fast Times at Ridgemont High is anyone’s guess.


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