Saturday, April 11, 2009

Kathy Griffin Lays Off Lindsay Lohan Insults

Kathy Griffin is taking it easy on Lindsay Lohan.
"I'm more likely to make fun of Lindsay Lohan a year ago," the My Life on the D-List star tells Popeater. "She was clubbing every night with the girlfriend and, like, DJing -- but now it seems like she's in the throes of real trouble.

Lohan gave the newest issue of Us Weekly a wide-ranging interview over several lengthy phone calls and emails where she was agitated and crying over her recent split from Sam Ronson. Sources told Us they feared she was suicidal.

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Continues Griffin: "It feels like kicking her when she's down. Believe it or not, I might kind of take her out for the time being. That's a little hard to find the comedy in."

One person she doesn't mind mocking: Chris Brown, who recently pleaded not guilty to allegedly assaulting Rihanna.

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"It's heartbreaking to seems like she's suffering from classic battered woman syndrome," says Griffin, who will dedicate a raunchy song to Brown when she hosts Bravo's A-List Awards on April 15.

The fifth season of D-List premieres this June, and Griffin says "the theme this year is that I'm an A-lister in training. I don't know if you've seen the photos of me with Paris Hilton, but I'm a member of young Hollywood now. We're BFF."

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Hilton was the one who convinced the 48-year-old to slip into a skimpy bikini, she says.

"I wanted to tell you about my new career as a hot bikini model," Griffin jokes. "I find it's very difficult to be objectified by Hollywood and be thought of as merely a sex object.

"I remember hearing this hilarious interview with Mischa Barton during the OC, where she said that there was a prejudice against pretty people," she continues. "Now I know what she was talking about. I feel that there is a prejudice against me because of my hot bikini bod, and you know what? That's not my fault. Last time I checked, this is America and that isn't a crime."

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