Thursday, May 14, 2009

Brits know more about celebs than historical events

London, May 14 : Call it "celebrity fever" or, simply, lack of interest - majority of people are clueless about general history but when it comes to celebs they're pretty well-informed, finds a UK study.

According to the research, nine out of 10 adults know the names of the Beckhams'' three children, Brooklyn, Romeo and Cruz, but less than half know John Major was Prime Minister during the first Gulf War, reports The Telegraph.

Shockingly, a third of Britons believe that the last General Election took place in 2008 rather than 2005, but more than eight out of ten knew Chelsea and England footballer Ashley Cole''s wife was X Factor judge Cheryl.

It also emerged that three quarters of the 3,000 surveyed know Kerry Katona''s first husband was Bryan McFadden, however, 20 percent don''t know February 29th was a Leap Day.

A spokesman for www. triviala. com said: "We were genuinely surprised that so many British adults are confused about general history - even more recent events such as the Beijing Olympics left folk floundering.

"However, when it came to celebrities, all of a sudden our respondents were knowledgeable and inspired, quickly coming up with the right answers time after time.

"Although we were surprised at the greater celebrity knowledge of the quiz''s respondents, perhaps it''s just symptomatic of our celebrity-obsessed culture, with gossip stories rather than solid news providing most of the headlines in some sections of the media." (ANI)

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