Saturday, May 9, 2009

Enrique Iglesias’ sleeping pill popping trouble

Washington, May 9 : Enrique Iglesias has revealed that his insomnia is proving to be troublesome, as the sleeplessness forces him to pop more and more sleeping pills in a bid to doze off.

The 'Falta Tanto Amor' hitmaker has revealed that his increasing sleeping pill intake has become a cause of worry for him.

He says that though he pops in more and more pills to get sleep, he wakes up with an annoying morning hangover.

"I know about addictions because I have to take sleeping pills and often I don''t sleep after taking them. So I take more and more and I lie awake and then I have to get up with a horrible sleeping pill hangover," Contactmusic quoted Enrique as telling Britain's Daily Mail.

Though Enrique takes sleeping pills to acquire sleep, he is totally against usage of illegal drugs.

"I''m quite grounded. I''ve never taken hard drugs because I am scared of getting hooked on things," he said.

"I have taken grass, hoping I would write better music, but it made my writing worse and I felt terrible and paranoid," he added.(ANI)


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