Thursday, May 21, 2009

Lydia Hearst-Shaw talks of wild threesome in ‘The Last International Playboy’

American heiress/socialite Lydia Hearst has opened up about taking part in a wild threesome in the new indie movie `The Last International Playboy'.

In the opening scene, Hearst, 24, is seen stripping, and getting cosy with a guy and a girl, played by Australian supermodel Nicole Trunfio, in the laundry room during a model-saturated soiree in a NYC apartment.

"It is definitely out there, but we were all acting. It was nice because we were all good friends and we pretty much went crazy, played with the water guns and then dried ourselves," Fox News quoted her as saying.

The movie comes complete with gorgeous girls in the bathtub, bed jumping and female fondling.

Though it is the fantasy of millions of men, Hearst said that it is just that: a fantasy.

"The parties are not really like that in real life. You just have a good time, its acting. Even the intimate bits, it's not really going on," she explained.

"While it is all happening we were taking direction from people, stopping and starting," she said.

Regarding the effects the movie has left on her, she says it has helped her embrace adulthood.

"It's a film about growing up and realizing that you can't always be a child forever," she said.

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