Saturday, May 9, 2009

Paris Hilton makes £7.5M a year

London, May 9: Paris Hilton earns a whopping 7.5 million pounds in a year, it has been revealed.

The hotel heiress pocketed a whopping 15million pounds in 2006 and 2007 just from promotional work, reports the Mirror.

The socialite has also disclosed that she doesn''t keep a diary, and instead googles her name to see where she''s been and where she''s supposed to be.

The revelations came in line with Paris facing a lawsuit of 5.5 million pounds over claims that she failed to promote the DVD release of her 2006 movie `Pledge This!'

According to Miami firm Worldwide Entertainment Group, Hilton's inaction directly led to the film turning out to be a financial flop.

However, her lawyers have said that she is the "busiest person on the planet", and that's why she doesn't have a diary. (ANI)

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