Sunday, May 24, 2009

‘Peter Andre turns down Jordan’s plea to reconcile’

London, May 24 : Katie Price a. k. a Jordan’s plans of giving her four-year marriage another chance have received a setback. Her estranged husband Peter Andre has turned down her plea to save their relationship, it has emerged.

The busty model admitted that she made the biggest mistake of her life by planning to divorce Andre, claim sources.

Jordan reportedly sent a text to hubby saying she wanted him back.

However, her hopes of a reunion were left in tatters when Andre insisted that there was no chance of him taking her back.

"Pete will always love Kate but he didn''t just walk away on a whim. This wasn''t just about one drunken night. He left because of years of frustration,” News of the World quoted a close friend of Andre as saying.

"It''s very sweet that Kate is now realising just how much she has screwed things up, but it''s not going to make any difference at this stage.

"Pete never wanted this to happen and it took a lot for him to walk away. At the moment there is no way back and I don''t see that changing," the pal added. (ANI)

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