Monday, June 1, 2009

MTV Movie Awards has 'WTF' moment: Half-naked Sacha Baron Cohen surprises Eminem

The vampires of "Twilight" swept the MTV Movie Awards Sunday night, but the promised "WTF" moment came when a half-naked Sacha Baron Cohen forced a flustered Eminem to make an early exit.

The rapper and the comic went cheek to cheek when the nearly bare-bottomed Cohen, in character as gay fashionista Bruno, swooped into Eminem's face.

"Get this m-----f----r off of me!" Eminem snapped as Cohen - sporting feathery white angel wings and a matching jockstrap - plunged from the ceiling onto the unsuspecting rapper, who was seated after performing.

Eminem's entourage yanked Cohen off their boss before the platinum-selling rapper bolted the Gibson Amphitheater in Universal City, Calif.

MTV censors managed to bleep Eminem's outburst from the live show.

"That was really weird," said "High School Musical 3" star Zac Efron, who was supposed to receive a best male performance award from Cohen.

The bizarre exchange launched a ton of Twitters as people pondered whether the crash landing was a setup - although one witness said the real Slim Shady was really steamed.

"He was pretty mad," said Carla Gentry Osorio, a Harlem hair stylist seated near the exit where Eminem stormed out. "He practically walked into a camera. He couldn't leave fast enough."

Once the dust settled, the night's big winners were the bloodsucking crew from "Twilight," which grabbed five awards. The flick took MTV's buckets of golden popcorn for best movie, best fight (Robert Pattinson and co-star Cam Gigandet) and best kiss (Pattinson and co-star Kristen Stewart).

"I have to say thank you to my stunt double," said Pattinson, giving credit where credit was due for the fight award.

Pattinson also won for breakthrough male performance, eliciting shrieks of delight from his female fans. And Stewart won for best female performance.

Amy Poehler won the first official MTV Movie Awards "WTF" prize for her peeing-in-the-sink scene from "Baby Mama."

BY Nancy Dillon and Larry Mcshane

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