Friday, June 19, 2009

Russell Crowe slams todays media

Melbourne, June 19 : Russell Crowe has slammed media for blurring the line between news and entertainment.

"If you trivialise the news decade after decade, if you turn news into entertainment, if you corrupt how people get information and corrupt that information in the first place and if you have a cynical view where you can take a piece of fluff that you know is not really true but you can bang it up because it fits nice on page 5 next to the ad of women's lingerie. If you start thinking like that, sooner or later people are going to distrust what those sources all are," the Courier mail quoted him as telling The Punch.

"We've actually built a generation who don't know how to discern bullshit from truth.

"At least I'm old enough and lucky enough to have grown up in an era where there were certain newspapers which were absolute purveyors of the truth, that has morphed and changed over time," he added.

Crowe is presently shooting for his new film Robin Hood in the U. K.

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