Thursday, August 20, 2009

Michael Jackson doctor 'told the truth'

The doctor at the centre of the investigation into Michael Jackson's death has spoken publicly for the first time since the singer died.

Dr Conrad Murray, who was with the star when he suffered a cardiac arrest on 25 June, posted a video on YouTube thanking his supporters.

In the short, one-minute clip, Dr Murray said: "I told the truth and I have faith the truth will prevail."

He has not been named as an official suspect in the investigation.

However, court records have identified the 51-year-old as the subject of a manslaughter inquiry and he has been interviewed twice by police.

'Strength and courage'
Until now, Dr Murray has shied away from speaking in public, with statements being made through his lawyer.

Murray was to be Jackson's personal doctor during his London concerts
"Because of all that is going on, I am afraid to return phone calls or use my e-mail," Dr Murray said.

"I recorded this video to let all of you know that I have been receiving your messages. Your messages give me strength and courage and keep me going. They mean the world to me."

A spokeswoman for his lawyer said the video was recorded last week in Houston, Texas.

Over the last month, two offices connected to Dr Murray have been searched by police, as has his home.

On Tuesday, a lawyer for Katherine Jackson said she was considering taking legal action over the circumstances surrounding her son's death.

Burt Levitch said no final decision on a "wrongful death" action had yet been made - but hinted that Dr Murray could be the subject "because he is under investigation".

The Los Angeles coroner's office said it had completed its work determining Jackson's cause of death but would not release the results until the police investigation was complete.


Zippy said...

Huhuhu, kasian banget....
Saking nggak berani'x berhadapan langsung lewat public, dianya sampai ngomong lewat YouTube

Muja said...

bneran ??


Herdoni Wahyono said...

Kematian yang tragis dengan meninggalkan teka-teki bagi penggemarnya.
Selamat jalan MJ.

Salam sukses buat

Hitsuke said...

Tragis skali y...!!!
kunjung balik ya sobat di postingan baru q nieh

Membuat Read More Otomatis 

Jangan lupa ngomentnya xeps...!??

Hitsuke and NarutoFans 

Mas said...

susah juga jadi dokter peribadi, kalau ada masalah pastinya mereka yang pertama menjadi sasaran.

Miawruu said...

wew... such a burden for Dr. Murray
But this is a dillema case. If MJ death is a murdered case, so what is Latoya's suspicious about his brother death had been proven an she can make an investivigation team in order to find the killer.

But... if that so, poor to MJ kids. Because, they will can't claim MJ's insurance if MJ death has proven being into murderer case or suicide case.

kang tatang said...

Hem... A very Bad Story for the former King Of Pop.......


gema_gogo said...

Ternyata bgitu toh critanya...

dokternya baru nampil skrng, takut ya sbelumnya...

Pondok Cerita (W4nz) said...

semoga MJ tenang di sana..

mesothelioma said...

just pity the body of MJ his body should be resting by now in peace! am sure his soul is still not in peace!

Koko James said...

saya baru tahu nih :)

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