Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Nick Jonas Biography

Nick Jonas was born Nicholas Jerry Jonas on September 16, 1992. He's a singer, songwriter, and actor - one of the three brothers in the Jonas Brothers pop rock boy band. The Jonas Brothers group started as a singing career for Nick, but producers signed all three of them when they heard them. Kevin Jonas, Joseph Jonas and Nick Jonas are the stars of the Disney series Jonas where they play themselves.

Born in Dallas Texas, Nick Jonas was originally discovered by singing in a barber shop where his mom was getting a haircut. He was referred to a show business manager, and began singing on Broadway at the age of 7. Nick acted in several Broadway plays at a tender age.

Nick was diagnosed with Type I diabetes at age 13 and wears an insulin pump to help him keep a normal blood sugar level. He has partnered with four different charities to raise awareness and funds for diabetes.

In Summer 2007, Nick Jonas and brothers Kevin and Joe guest starred in an episode of Hannah Montana. Close to 11 million people watched the episode, breaking cable records. The Jonas Brothers filmed a movie, Camp Rock, where they played characters in a band - a real stretch we know.

By May 2008, Nick Jonas, Kevin Jonas, and Joe Jonas were starring in their own Disney reality series Jonas Brothers: Living the Dream. It documented the lives of the Jonas Brothers during their tour Look Me in the Eyes. They are now starring in the Disney series called Jonas, where they play the Lucases, a family pop band that is trying to live a normal life. Sounds a bit like Hannah Montana.

Their second album Jonas Brothers was released in Summer 2007 and sold over three million copies. The Jonas Brothers' third album, A Little Bit Longer was released in August 2008. It sold over 2 million copies worldwide. Is Jonas Music taking over the world?

Nick Jonas Fast Facts:
Discovered as a child while singing at a hair salon.
Performed in his first Broadway show, A Christmas Carol: The Musical, at age 8.
Signed as a solo act with Columbia Records at age 11.
Drew inspiration from his struggles with Type 1 diabetes when writing the song "A Little Bit Longer."
Wears a purity ring symbolizing abstinence until marriage.

Nick Jonas Relationships:
Denise Jonas - Mother
Frankie Jonas - Brother
Joe Jonas - Brother
Kevin Jonas - Brother
Kevin Jonas Sr. - Father
Miley Cyrus - Ex-significant Other
Selena Gomez - Ex-significant Other


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