Thursday, June 10, 2010

Luna Maya, Ariel Get Indecent Proposal; Cut Tari Denies Nude Woman is Her

High-profile porn star Vicky Vette, no doubt seeking a little extra publicity given the online popularity of the Peterporn celebrity sex tape scandal, has expressed her willingness to shoot a new pornographic video with Ariel and Luna Maya.

"If ARIEL PETERPORN & Luna Maya come to the USA I'll shoot another sex tape with both of them," the buxom actress tweeted. " wonder if that would be a hit in Indonesia."

Model and television gossip show host Cut Tari, meanwhile, has broken her silence over allegations that she features in a third sex tape featuring Peterpan frontman Ariel, telling reporters gathered outside her Pondok Indah home on Wednesday night that the person featured in the graphic clip was not her.

"In my opinion, everyone has a right to express an opinion and I can't ban that as that's their right," Cut Tari was quoted by as saying. "The point is my husband and family do not believe that the lady is me."

She said that she was shocked and disappointed about the circulation of the video but that was one of the risks - including for her husband - of being a celebrity.

Cut Tari is a former girlfriend of Ariel.

Luna and Ariel have also reportedly denied that two film clips feature themselves, though a number of Internet bloggers and at least one Internet expert have claimed otherwise.

Regardless, the trio will get their chance to argue their case before the National Police, who have taken over the investigation from Jakarta Police.


rewa said...

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Anonymous said...

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Tussilly said...

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paseong said...

akan tetapi, dia masih tetap diingat sob,
sayang banget sih sampai dipenjara.
terlepas dari kesalahannya melakukan gituan, tp masa sih dipenjara? *gag mudeng* - tanya2 ada apa dengan hukum negeri ini

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