Friday, August 20, 2010

kang ibing dead at age 64

Indonesia once again lost another big figure. Kusmayatna Kusumadinata or the fame with the name of Kang Ibing died at age 64 on Thursday (08/19/2010) because of illness. He had admitted to the Hospital Al Islam Bandung, after falling at his home in Cijawura, Bandung, Thursday at around 20:00.

"Dad did have heart disease, but as they mature may be due to fatigue. He just returned from the Soil," said Dikdik Kusumadika, Kang Ibing firstborn.

The man who was born in Sumedang on June 20, 1946, known as a figure of genius. Not only known as a comedian, but also reliably show host, movie stars and preachers.

Together with AOM Kusman, Suryana Fatah, Wawa Sofyan, and Ujang, Kang Ibing, D'comedy group founded Kabayan. Each has its own uniqueness in which its members represent the figure of a particular ethnic group. Suryana Fatah, for example, is known as Holiang Koh, as Mas Sofyan Wawa Sastro. While the figure legends portray Kusmayatna Sunda Kang Maman alias Ibing.

Her figure was so easily recognizable. Kang Ibing often appear complete with holster slung over his shoulder and cap that became his trademark.

Success in the world of buffoonery, he also became involved several times in various films such as Si Kabayan (1975) Ateng The Godfather (1976) Bang Kojak (1977) Si Kabayan dan Gadis Kota (1989) Boss Carmad (1990), Komar Si Glen Kemon Mudik (1990), Warisan Terlarang (1990), Di Sana Senang Di Sini Senang (1990).

Outside the busy life in the entertainment world, he is also known as the preacher who often gave lectures at a number of areas including regional outposts.


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