Thursday, May 14, 2009

Britneys ex-hubby rooting for her during Circus tour

Washington, May 14 : Pop star Britney Spears'' former husband Kevin Federline has no problem with their two sons accompanying her on her Circus tour, as he himself is "rooting for her all the way".

According to reports, Federline had initially objected to plans for Sean Preston, 3, and Jayden James, 32, to follow their mother on her Circus tour.

He, however, is now happy to see that they have adapted to their life on road.

Federline''s lawyer Mark Vincent has backed the claims, insisting that his client is extremely happy to see his former wife get her career back on track.

"They worked out an arrangement to facilitate her being able to go on tour without having to sacrifice her ability to see the kids. Kevin is happy with how the kids are doing and he''s happy that he''s been able to work out an arrangement where Britney is pursuing her professional goals and Kevin is rooting for her all the way," Contactmusic quoted Mark as telling E! Online.

"She''ll go on tour, she''ll go to the venues, but Kevin will be there with the kids. There won''t be any change in the custody schedule in Europe or anywhere she is on tour. The kids are great, they''re really happy. They''re very well adjusted kids, as well adjusted as you can expect. They will always push the envelope but I think that they have the absolute privilege of having two parents who absolutely love them. Everyone has worked for making sure that they''re not a product of all of the attention and commotion," Mark added. (ANI)

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