Friday, May 1, 2009

Jennifer Garner Shows Off Injuries on David Letterman Show

Jennifer Garner sported nasty cuts on her arms and legs during an appearance on a U.S. TV show on Wednesday (29Apr09) - and found an unlikely nurse in host David Letterman. The actress took a painful tumble earlier this month (Apr09) and grazed her knee, elbow and wrist in the freak fall.

Garner put on a brave face in front of her three-year-old daughter Violet, but privately shed a few tears over the accident. But the star didn't let her injuries stop her from a planned visit to David Letterman's "Late Show," where she proudly showed off her wounds in a little black dress during the interview. She says, "Isn't it just a nightmare? Violet said, 'Mama, did you cry?' and I said, 'I did cry a little bit, it really hurt,' and she said, 'I want to see you cry again.'"

Letterman then produced some healing cream from his desk and applied it to Garner's cuts, before the actress swiped the antiseptic and put it down the top of her dress - to use again later. She adds, "I went down hard!"

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