Sunday, April 19, 2009

Katie Stam Miss Indiana America

Meet Katie Stam, Miss Indiana who was crowed winner of the Miss America pageant in 2009. See her smoking photos, biography and video here.

The finalists in the competition were chosen by judges and viewers alike:
Miss Georgia, Chasity Hardman
Miss Indiana, Katie Stam
Miss South Dakota, Alexandra Hoffman
Miss Alabama, Amanda Tapley.
Miss Michigan, Ashlee Baracy
Miss Delaware, Galen Giaccone
Miss Arkansas, Ashlen Batson
Miss Hawaii, Nicole Fox
Miss District of Columbia, Kate Marie Grinold
Miss Iowa, Olivia Myers
Miss New York, Leigh-Taylor Smith
Miss California, Jackie Geist
Miss Florida, Sierra Minott
Miss Kentucky, Emily Cox
Miss Tennessee, Ellen Carrington.

Katie Stam Biography: Miss Indiana
As a biography, Katie is 22 years old (July birthday) and attends Indianapolis University where she is a communications major. She won the Miss Indiana pageant in 2008 which is much deserved as you can see.

She has functioned as the news director for the campus and operations manager for the campus cable station called “UIndy TV.”
Entering various collegiate broadcasting competitions, Miss Indiana captained her school to victory in the “TV School of the Year” broadcast competition. She is considered the top college anchorwoman in the state.

She has interned locally at station WTHR-TV. She obviously has a brilliant career ahead of her in broadcast television so we can expect Katie to enter our living rooms on national cable news in the near future. You can read more biographical information here.

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